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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

17 nov'09

its exactly 1 month i put my blog a side.it seems i have big project or bussiness that make me really no time to spent here?the answer is absolutely not.i just prepare and sit for my final exam at the same time in developing my project 2 with presentation.

let's guess readers wats the output?after a month full time concentrating on this only;and today,i got the "payback" of my project2 - FAIL.but still result of my final exam will be out in 2 weeks time,i pray for a better 1!

im not sad becoz i failed but i disapointed my parents and family as im given full courage in terms of time,mental and physical support.my task supposed to be just simple as to do well and get it past but i failed.

anyway,im alright.i knows its not end of the day. *is it really 2012?*
i shall work more hard from tmrw onwards.nex then try to put more efforts on my project 2 so that i can present and past it in the coming semester.

remarks: sorry to my parents and family, my supervisor - mr.suhaimi, and of course frens and lecturers who concern. i will be ok!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

30 y/o journey of a MAN

1month to 30years of journey in this wonderful yet lovely world...

he leaved his family and country, flied from india to malaysia. for the sake of earning coins and feed family.he went through everything but still smile always on his face.

in plan,suppose to reunion with his dearest family at hometown after deepavali.
out of the blue, he leaves without leaving a word in this main festival of his religion.he leaves forever this time.

in the other place,his family happily celebrating festival but none of them know his soul is out of the body...

he will never see his love most family anymore.he can only look after them from heaven.

i do hope his family can accept it calmly when his body back to his origin hometown.im so sorry,deepest condolences from me.

we were so close but yet it is so far today onwards...rest in peace...

you might no capable as us president, obama, not skillfull as ronaldo, not popular as tom cruise; but you are the MAN in our heart! you bookmark yourself clearly in every1 diary,especially your family. SACRIFIES YOURSELF FOR YOUR LOVES ONE....

remarks:appreciate every precious moment in hand,no regret!

17 october'09

las nite(fri nite), slep "early" in the morning(sat's) and get up in 12pm...

check messages from frens in phone, replied then wash up and ready to go "makan2"-deepavali celebration...

wenqin and i follow moira's car,and we meet up with auyong,weilin & weipin at

kanes's house...

after visited kane's palace,we headed to

prateeba's-*india* house...

we chit-chat,eat and drinks...i shall upload the photo later*it is not with me rite now* that's only 2 house we visited!

on the way back to kajang,we drop by nilai memorial park;we visit gary's grave...

remarks:proj2 stil conquoring me...should fel glad o worry?all the best every1...

Friday, October 16, 2009


Father And Mother I Love You

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


i received this notification weeks back. it contains :

and today(6oct'09), when i was trying to check my seating number;i found this:-

and i was wondering. . . . . . what does it means when a organization declare itself has been certified with MS ISO 9001:2000??? and what does MS ISO 9001:2000 means actually??? *correct me if im wrong*

remarks: i didn't mean to criticize or pin-point any1 but my purpose writing this post is to "remind" some1 if they have forgotten their work/ responsible. i do love UNITEN also.
suggestion: mayb notify students only when u r done?

Friday, October 2, 2009

talk COCK

i don't wish to be POOR
but i don't mind to be poor.
i wish to become RICH
but only if i am capable and deserve for it!

remarks: i did dream of $$ most of the time, but im no longer dream of it today.myself also duno why?even im not rich............

Monday, September 28, 2009

A.M.E. & W.O.P.

from the post title, dun mistake it as secret code?need encryption or decrpion?
i apologise if mislead u guys...its actually a post regarding an events company owned by my buddies and me, and also my sisters' blogshop.

As i promised in previous post,will intro/explain more:
1) AngelsMyth Events
an events company. just a beginning steps and we are looking forward more supports directly and indirectly. here i attach my name card *its a introduction.advertisement mayb? :P*

we provide service such as

a simple yet contentful introduction? :P
so,welcome for any inquiries and of coz work/project order! :)

2) wARdrobeoFpRinceSS
this the online blogshop owned by sisters. welcome all my dear frens, blog readers *if there is any* and shopping-fans tak a visit by clicking

hope you guys enjoy shopping there! :)
if there is any comments/suggestions, kindly email to wardrobeofprincess@yahoo.com

remarks: any1 willing to "advertise" my sisters' blogshop by copy the above banner,paste and link it at your blog or website?many thanks and we appreciate it much.